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About the Pensioner Exchange Program

Introduction is a senior/pensioner oriented platform to make new friends and have good time and explore new places of interest with other members.

Idea is that members who can or willing to can share their free room or building to ohters and as a premium for that platform awards them points that can be used then to visit other memebers. This makes travelling and accomodation more affordable, interesting and secure and provides opportunities to meet new people with same interests.

How it works?

All people in age 50+ and desire to travel and make new friends can register with PEXP24. When registering and You are be ready to host other members at least during one of most convenient month per year please fill up home sharing profile. This means You shall ideally have extra free bedroom or building for Your guests or if not you can still register, but your exchange options are then somewhat limited.

Once registered and validated You can start searching locations of interest to find members available for accepting Your exchange on Your desired dates. As the number of joined members grow over time the options are getting better and better, so stary tuned.

If You not planning now to travel initially anywhere but just want to host interesting members at your home then just set up Your home sharing profile and wait for exchange requests. If You are comfortable with a member request and dates You can accept exchange request. Then requestor needs to commit it and a successful exchange is done. When hosting guests members earn PEXP24 points (also can be purchased). Those points can be later used for redemption of Your visits to other members. This balances host and guest roles.

Members registration/sign up

To register on PEXP24 open sign up form. Then either login with facebook/google or fill up sign up form if regitering with email. Your personal data including full name and exact address are kept confidential and are only released to members You have accepted exchange with. Non-members can see only your first name, home main picture and approximate location within secure margin of error (~1km).

More info available on GDPR terms on PEXP24 privacy website .

Hope this introduction sounded interesting.

More is to come. Warm regards from PEXP24 management and see You soon among PEXP24 members.